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Who We Serve

Partnering with Couples & Families

Who Are Still Building Their Finances

As a firm, we’re committed to helping a traditionally underserved group of people—those who are in the wealth accumulation phase of their lives or do not meet the high asset minimum that other firms have. Providing you with the same comprehensive planning and personal approach that advisors typically reserve for high-net-worth individuals is our goal. 

Discover more about how we can help you based on your current life circumstances by exploring our case studies below.

Case Studies

Sound Like You?

Reach out to us today to not only organize your finances and create a goal-oriented plan—but to gain a lifelong partner as you move towards financial freedom.

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High Earners | Family-Oriented Professionals | Small Business Owners Photo
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High Earners | Family-Oriented Professionals | Small Business Owners

High Earners, Not Rich “YET” -

Family-Oriented Professionals
Small Business Owners

The Challenge

You have reached the high-earning years of your career. You now realize you have more disposable income than you did previously but are unsure what to do with it. Previously, you did your own research, but between running the kids to dance and baseball practice, you no longer have the time to do the constant research to stay atop of your finances alone. You have several questions on your mind:

  • Should you pay down debts, save for retirement, or save for the kids’ college?
  • Can you afford that new home you have always dreamed of? 
  • Can your spouse now stay home with the kids?
  • Are you able to take a pay cut for a few years to start the business you’ve always wanted to start? 
  • Can you purchase a vacation home?
  • How should you take advantage of loopholes in the tax code?

You want to delegate this responsibility to an independent professional who you trust, that has your best interest at heart, and who has taken the time to understand where you are trying to go. You don’t want to work with a robot or a call center, where a different “customer service representative” answers your questions every time you call. 

How We Help

Legacy Financial Designs was founded with the goal of helping families who are still working and saving answer these questions and give you the advice today to achieve your dreams tomorrow. We know life is going to throw us curve balls that we never could have imagined, which is why we strive to help you remain both prepared and flexible within your financial game plan. We’re dedicated to explaining complex financial concepts in an easy-to-understand way with actionable recommendations to achieve your version of success. 

Newlyweds & New Parents Photo
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Newlyweds & New Parents

Newlyweds & New Parents

The Challenge

As you and your spouse balance full-time work, side hustles, and your growing family, you’re starting to wonder what is the best way to organize your money. You’ve read conflicting information on the internet and are unsure which path is best. With many questions regarding your financial life, you’re not sure where to begin:

  • How can you start saving now to fund college education for your children in the future?
  • Are you able to minimize your taxes? 
  • Are you taking full advantage of the benefits offered through your employer?
  • What should you do with your excess cash—pay off the remaining student loans, or something else?

With your career picking up and more children on the way, you have less time to spend researching various options and would like to hire a professional to create a financial game plan. 

How We Help

The majority of independent trustworthy advisors, who truly have your best interest at heart, have turned their backs to you. Most advisors who work with families like yours are focused on selling products, whether that’s insurance policies or mutual funds. At Legacy, we are fee-only, meaning we do not sell products. This allows us to fully address your unique pain points and address them in a way that works for you—not for the sake of earning a commission. 

We know that the first step to being wealthy is accumulating wealth in the appropriate manner. This starts with making smart choices with your income. We usually uncover several other areas of concern that you weren’t aware of. Our goal is to address these areas, tying together all pieces of your financial life and creating a game plan aligned with your goals. 

Empty Nesters Photo
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Empty Nesters

Empty Nesters

The Challenge 

Have you spent the last two decades focused on raising your children to get them out of the nest and onto their adult life? Has your money been a means to an end, rather than working as hard as it should be for you? You’ve likely been saving in your employer retirement plan but have not had the chance to save elsewhere. Now you realize it is “catch-up” time to put yourself on a path to financial independence, but you’re not sure how.

  • When will you be able to retire? 
  • Will you be able to afford your retirement goals? 
  • What steps should you take now to help you achieve your version of success?
  • Should you downsize? 
  • How does income work in retirement?

How We Help

Life gets busy—we get it. It’s not too late to take the next step (or steps) towards a financially healthy lifestyle. It is not our job to judge you based on any previous financial decisions you may have made. Instead, we’re focused on learning about your past and understanding your dreams for the future. We believe wealth is accumulated through disciplined cash flow management and that this can happen at any time. Together, we’ll design a customized financial game plan to help guide you through this stage of life.